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"Meta-Culture Declaration"


In 1924, when Psychoanalysis, founded by Freud, was flourishing in Europe, Andre Breton published the "Surrealist Declaration" under the influence of Freud in order to start a new art movement exploiting human depth psychology. Since then, modern psychology continued to evolve through various forms of psychotherapy in Europe and the States, until NLP (Neuro- linguistic Programming) was finally born in 1975 as the very last school of therapeutic psychology.


Unfortunately, despite the advent of this ultimate form of psychology, while the diagram "Psychoanalysis -> Surrealism" existed in the past, there has been a "missing link" in the diagram "NLP -> ?", in the sense that no new fundamental art movement inspired by, and based on, NLP as a form of pragmatic communication psychology has been created.


We are now living in the 21st century, and it seems that the birth of a new form of art movement is desperately sought after in the field of art where apparently "the two dimensional art ended with Picasso of the 20th century". We here declare that it is NLP having gone through "quantum leaps" in the field of modern psychology that will be able to fill the gap of the missing link in question.


We further declare that this new movement should be called "Meta-culture Movement", which means that it will transcend and go beyond (= "meta") all the existing "fringe-cultures", including "Underground Culture", "Avant-garde Culture", "Sub-culture", "Pop culture", "Counter-culture", "Alternative Culture", and so on.


This new movement will continue to create new art forms which have never been made possible, integrating and synthesizing all the elements of fringe culture, such as art, fashion, music, film, theatre, entertainment, dance, sports, psychology, therapy, drugs, sex, spirituality, the occult (science of the hidden), meditation, and hypnosis on one hand and the innovative "meta methodology" of NLP on the other.


Although this new movement happens to have been initiated in Japan, it is strongly expected that it will hopefully become a worldwide movement in the future by securing supporters from all over the world.


The registration of a trademark for the term "Meta-culture" is now pending.


October 2010

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